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Activities on Holiday

Marcho's Activities on Holiday

Radit : Hallo Marcho, how are you today?
Marcho : i'm fine, thanks. How about you?
Radit : i'm fine too, thanks. By the way, what is your plan on holiday?
Marcho : I'm not quite sure yet, my brothers are rather quite pretty busy with their works and college so they prefer staying at Bandung. At most, maybe I'll be going to Jakarta.
Radit : You have family in jakarta?
Marcho : Not really, but my mom do have some relatives living there. It's kind of a tradition that we go to Jakarta on holidays because we want to check our father's apartment every now and then.
Radit : hmm I see. When you will going to there?
Marcho: I think I'll go there after Christmas comes, so maybe around the 25th or the 26th of December.
Radit : With whom you will go to there if your brothers are busy with their works?
Marcho: I'll still go there with my family, including my brothers. But we won't stay long there, maybe just around 3-5 days be…
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I was in 9th grade at that time. we were in farewell party of 9th grade. It was really-really unforgettable moment in my life. Beside beause i got an achievement, I also realized that me and all of my friends will separate to continue to senior highshool. Ok.., lets get back to the story. So.. basically, all of my friends can talk in english fluently. Because many of them ever lived in oversea. And this is the story why I have to tell you about it.

So, the farewell party also has "achievement section". The achievement was giving to students that considered deserved it. When we came to "the best in english" nominate, unexpetedly I won it. What makes me confuse is that, there are still many of my friends who can talk in english as fluent as native people. My friends also confused why I can get the ahievement.  But actually I don't mind it very muh, at least I got an achievement. I said something to my friends,"you don't have to can to become the best"…



I went Tolibrary. I made new a friend by accident. As far as i know, he has the same hobby as I am.
Daffa : " Ouch!!" (books drooped)

Adit  : " I'm so sorry. Let me help you."
Daffa  : " It's okay, thank you very much. By the way, may Iknow Your name ? "
Adit    : " Sure, my name is Adit. I'm from X-IPA4. How about you?"
Daffa  :  " My name is Daffa, I'm from X-MIPA 3. Do you like reading books? "
Adit    : " Yes, I do. What kind of books do you like to read? "
Daffa  : " I like novels. Especially novel by  PIdi Baiq "
Adit    : " I like novels by Pidi Baiq too. But I prefer to read novels by Tere Liye."\

(bells ringing)

daffa  : " Okay then. I gotta go to my class. See you later!"

My Life Story

Hello! My name name is Raditya Aria Zhafari. But you can call me Radit or Adit. But usually, My friends and teachers calls Radit, and my family calls me adit. I was born on 13th of june 2002 at Padang. so, right now i'm 15 years old. I was born from my mom's stomach. That means i'm still like any other people out there. I have one sister. Her name is Raissa Ariany Putri. But you can call her ica. she really nice towards me and my my family. Right now, she already in university. Unpad University for clearly.

Before i study at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, I study at SMP Nasional KPS Balikpapan. I have so many memories at there. I think that school is such the best school that i ever study at there. The teachers are very nice toward us. also the friends also really nice. I have many close friend at there. But right now we already apart. Some in jakarta, serpong, Bandung, Balikpapan, and any other city

My hobby is play football, mobile games, and read such a novel. I also really like…